Florida's Premier Wholesale Dessert

Charlie's Homemade Italian Ice

a Little About Us

Charlie's is a family owned business located in Tampa, FL. We pride ourselves on our delicious homemade Italian Ice and look forward to helping other businesses generate effortless profits. We offer premium Italian Ice in pre-packaged cups that provide a MINIMUM 100% return. Charlie’s will loan a professionally wrapped freezer and deliver it upon request at ZERO extra cost with a minimum order of 200 cups. Our ice performs well for all sorts of events including: sports concessions, private parties, ice Cream parlors/trucks, fundraisers, gift shops, convenience stores & more!

Doesn't matter the business, we provide everything you need!

What we offer

We offer all five flavors of our premier Italian Ice in 10 ounce pre-packaged cups. Our cups offer convenience, portion control, extended shelf life. They're easy to store, quick to prepare and help minimize sticky messes. Therefore allowing businesses to generate effortless profits!
We also offer our Italian Ice in 2.5 gallon tubs. We recommend most entrepreneurs utilize cups; however, for those select businesses looking for creative presentation tubs allow you to creatively scoop and serve.

The Wholesale Experience

Our goal at Charlie's is to create an effortless experience for our partners. Here is a bulleted list explaining our simple process below:

  • Place your order for our homemade ice

  • Our team will deliver your order and a wrapped freezer directly to you

  • A team member will fill the freezer for you to ensure a truly effortless experience

  • Choose your price, markup, and begin generating profits

  • Contact our team for a restock and we will replenish your freezer

become a partner

Becoming a partner is as simple as you would imagine. Place an order using our phone number (813) 508-4678, website, or Instagram @charliesitalianice. With an order of 200 cups or more we will loan a professionally wrapped freezer (if needed) for you to store and market your ice. An initial minimum order must include 40 of each of our five flavors, and any reorders are fully customizable. Ordering tubs is just as simple, place an order for your preferred flavor, place an order for all five flavors for delivery assistance.

Get started with Charlie's Homemade Italian Ice!

maximize profits

Entrepreneurs put a lot of effort into attracting customers to their business, but that is only half the battle. The other half is getting them excited to spend their hard earned money with you. For example, restaurant owners do an amazing job getting people in for dinner. HOWEVER, we see these families go somewhere else for dessert. Our goal of a partnership is to maximize every penny that walks through your door. Our low maintenance pre-packaged Italian Ice allows patrons to stay around for the full experience, therefore maximizing your profits.

Begin generating truly effortless profit!

why Italian ice

At Charlies we believe it vital to maximize the target audience for our dessert. Many desserts contain dairy products, but our ice is fat-free and lower in calories compared to many other desserts. Italian Ice allows businesses to access a larger market due to the lack of dairy products. Italian Ice is also known for its intense and refreshing fruit flavors. It's a great choice, especially in the sunshine state. We want to ensure we provide the highest quality ice we possibly can, and we take pride in our ability to supply the best!

Contact Us

To speak to a team member, submit your information below. A representative will get with you as quickly as possible!

12868 Commodity Place, Tampa, Florida 33626, United States(813) 508-4678
Instagram: @charliesitalianice

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